The Amazing Raja Ampat Marine Festival 2018

Raja Ampat Marine Festival was held in the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. This annual event was held on October 18-21, 2018. This event was held in Waisai, The Capital of Raja Ampat Regency on Waigeo Island, West Papua. The main event is a nautical festival of interesting things for marine tourism. One of the dive sites in the top 10 most beautiful dive spot in the world. In West Papua Province, Raja Ampat Regency actually want to maintain its familiarity and popularity as best maritime place in Indonesia by carrying out the maritime festival.

Raja Ampat Marine Festival

The enchantment of Raja Ampat Marine Festival 2018 was feature various activities that will reveal the magical wonders of Raja Ampat, from stunning scenery to close and personal encounters with some of the interesting and unique sea creatures in the world. There are some activities that you can see in the Raja Ampat Marine Festival.

Raja Ampat Is The Best Diving Spot In The World

If you are missed the event of Raja Ampat Marine Festival 2018, maybe next year you can join this event. Because in this event you will be also taken to snorkeling and diving spot on all the islands that have obtained to be the best snorkeling and diving places in the world by SNN Travel. In addition, you can join thousands of local residents to enjoy many exciting attractions in the form of various competitions, performing dance and art, public entertainment, and exhibitions.

See The Exotic Marine Animals

The Raja Ampat Maritime Festival offers many opportunities to explore the Raja Ampat sea. In here, the travelers can find the various kinds of sea animals including whales, dugongs, dolphins, turtle, and many more. Raja Ampat is also to be the center of the world’s coral triangle whose underwater beauty that can not be doubted.

The Cultural Stage

Another activity that you never be missed is the feature traditional arts and cultural performance which completed with the beach clean and traditional boat parades. Not only that, but there are also bazaars with thousands of local residents. There are also various competitions such as journalistic photo competitions, underwater photo competitions, dancing competitions, seafood cooking competitions, art contests, and many more.

To Be The Promotional Event

This festival which is supported by the Government of The Province of West Papua and The Ministry of Tourism has the aim to continue to introduce the wonders of the pure sea and the beauty of Raja Ampat’s culture throughout the world. The festival is expected to be a place to promote the beauty of Raja Ampat that will advance the regional economy itself.

The Raja Ampat Accessibility Is Qualified

Access to Waisai, Raja Ampat can be reached by plane first to Sorong. Then proceed with a small plane to the festival location in Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. Not only that, but the travelers may also go by sea by ferry boat from Sorong port. It will take 3 hours if you take by speedboat from Sorong city. You also can find some of the hotels in this location.