HIV/AIDS At The Genocide In West Papua

For those of you who like to read the news in the newspaper or see it in television, you must have heard that the Free Papua Organization group is still spread the lies about the untrue news in online media and social media which states the government has committed genocide against indigenous Papuans. Do you know about the genocide? Genocide is the systematic annihilation of one group or ethnic with the aim of destroying the nation.

The genocide in West Papua

Time to time we never find the data and facts stating the existence of genocide in West Papua. The statement also proves that the Free Papua Organization group did not understand the meaning of genocide and preached not the true facts, so they were considered by the international community with the untrue news.

The statement from the Free Papua Organization group stating that the existence of genocide is evidenced by the slow growth of indigenous Papuans, which at the moment they think should have reached five million like the population of Papua New Guinea, not two millions as today is an unscientific statement. According to them, the slow growth of the people in Papua is the indications of genocide. One of the causes of genocide that is often said by the Free Papua Organization is HIV/AIDS.

Genocide itself is the systematic annihilation, so this activity can be performed with the disease that can be effectively run if the disease, bacteria, germs or viruses that cause the disease can cause the epidemics, such as cholera, dysentery, smallpox. HIV/AIDS is not an epidemic because it cannot spread quickly due to the very typical modes of transmission. Besides that, HIV/AIDS cannot be transmitted through the water, air, and the common social interaction.

Cumulative case report

From the medical aspect, the probability or risk of HIV/AIDS through by the unprotecting sexual intercourse, outside and inside of marriage with people who have HIV/AIDS is 1: 100. That is in 100 sexual relations there is one possibility of transmission. The problem is that it cannot be known in the sexual relationship to how many infections occurred. It may occur in the first, second, or the hundredth of sexual relationship.

If we study about the rumors of Papuan that the genocide means as agents are women who infected the HIV/AIDS. There is a big problem because that agent of genocide must have 100 times sexual intercourse with the Papuan men who become the target of genocide. Of course, it will be impossible for the target men to have sexual intercourse every day with the genocide agent sex workers, because of some factors such as time and money.

The death in people who contract HIV/AIDS does not occur quickly because the death of people living with HIV/AIDS occurs during the HIV/AIDS period itself. Statistically AIDS period occurs between 5 until 15  years after contracting HIV. If someone who is infected the HIV is detected before the time for AIDS, then there are drugs that can reduce the rate of development of HIV in the blood.

The reported cases of HIV/AID are cumulative. It means that the old cases plus new cases. The number of reported cases will never go down so that all people with HIV/AIDS die.

Another strange thing is the region with a large number of reported cases occurs because of:

  • The massive socialization

In the region that reported HIV/AIDS cases is the region which held socialization and outreach the people so there are many people who tested HIV/AIDS.

  • Hiv testing

There are many HIV testing facilities so that tests can be done in many places.